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VR-D4 Vern Nolin
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Brent Pitts


About Me

I have worked at Dewberry School/Students Online since 1981.  I began as a classroom teacher in the Jr/Sr in the areas of math and science. Eventually I moved into Students Online.  For the past few years I have been involved in teaching a class by video conferencing.  

My family consists of my wife Tammy and three kids, Brady, Brea and Abby. Brady and Brea are students at the University of Saskatchewan and Abby is in grade 12 at Holy Rosary High School.

I think that I can be a leader by example, doing what I can do the best way I know how.


"If you see a job that can be done in two minutes, and you have two minutes, do it."

"Keep being you, and carry on."