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VR-D1 Ken Haney
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VR-D4 Vern Nolin
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Karen Boyarchuk


About Me

I'm Karen Boyarchuk and my time with BTPS is divided into two positions. In the mornings, I am at Marwayne School teaching, Foods 10, Science 14/24 and CTS. To finish off the day I am assigned to Students' Online, where I facilitate student learning in Science 14 and 24, Aboriginal Studies, Math 10-4 and 20-4 and Workplace Safety Systems and Practices. I am working from Marwayne School - 780-847-3930.  Email is the best way to contact me: karen.boyarchuk@btps.ca  Have a great school year.  Here is my working at home website for all my students both at Marwayne School and with Students' Online.  https://sites.google.com/btps.ca/karen-boyarchuks-homelearning/home