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Tamara Stachniak


About Me

Principal: Tamara Stachniak

I truly love teaching and as my new role begins as an administrator of three different schools in Buffalo Trail, I can say that my passion has grown from teaching to leading as well.  
These years have been a wonderful experience learning the ropes of administration and as my role expands, I have the privilege of connecting with two communities and parents all over Alberta with Students Online (SOL).   I have met some really great people and know that education is not a journey that you travel alone.  I look forward to making many more connections along the path to providing high quality education for our youth.
The three schools have so many unique qualities and I truly believe we are on the right track with a strong vision and shared team efforts to make our vision a reality.  I am looking forward to adding to my leadership outcomes to strengthen the delivery of education to our students as my time grows in my role.  I know this takes time and I plan on using my time to continue to grow, learn and lead.